If you want to get in touch, please write to us on info@gobeintheworld.org


Is the app where you keep your favourite experiences, with photos and maps, in a simple and easy-to-access way.

Share those you choose, and discover the experiences of like minded people.


GoBe! has got rid of the addictive component of many apps, where your latest post disappears downwards by the push of newer posts, creating a social anxiety that can never be fulfilled. Here, your Tips are always available with one tap to your phone: to remember the moment, easily find them with the geolocation, or to pass on to a friend.


The app’s social dimension is based on shared interests: you don’t look for friends first, and then use the app. In GoBe! it is the discovery of others’ experiences that leads you to meet people with whom you share real interests.

And because you primarily record things for yourself, you don’t have that “tingling noise” at the back of your head about what others will think of your post – you decide how much and who to share it with afterwards. This leads to a more personal and authentic app experience.


Our search and classification system – the Pod – kickstarts an open and free-flowing experience of the app, and leads to the discovery of unexpected gems. In GoBe! you can approach any topic, in any way you choose – we don’t put you (or your ideas) in a box.

If you want to get in touch, please write to us on info@gobeintheworld.org

If you have an Android phone and are interested in trying out GoBe! please leave your details below, and we will contact you as soon as it’s ready.

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This is how we handle your data:

1) When you first register, we ask your name, last name and email

This is for two reasons:

a) We want to build a network of real people, and for that, we need to assess that you are not a bot, troll, spammer or such like.

b) We want to be able to send you the odd email, mainly when there is a new release.

Even if you register via Facebook, that is the only information we will gather, and nothing else.

2) We do not seek your Contacts on your phone, or on other networks

This is because we hope you will make your own network through your activity in GoBe!

3) Your content is yours

If you choose to delete your Profile and/or your Tips, they are deleted. We do not keep a copy.

4) We do not sell or share your data or content with any other organisation or individual.

If you have any further queries, please write to us on privacy@gobeintheworld.org